Nano Particle Coating Technologies NPCT

Patented technology coats or ‘encapsulates’ at a nano scale hazarous mine waste materials converting it to an Inert filler, whilst reclaimimng missed minerals . 

NPCT® Recovery
Mineral Recovery System

NPCT® Recovery extracts Resource Material from current mining operations or historical Tailing Storage Facilities converting the toxic waste to an inert filler.

NPCT® Financial
Funding & Investment 

NPCT® Provide Funding & Investment into Developing Countries with Peri & Rural Projects that have Tangible Social & Economical Benefits (Community Based).

NPCT® Afrisan Peroxsil AG+ Disinfect & Purify

  • NPCT® Afrisan Peroxsil AG+Turn-Provides  a broad spectrum multi purpose disinfectant that is a stable and safe surface disinfectant against viruses and bacteria. 

Complete Mining Solutions Specialists

Tailings (TSF)

NPCT Tailings & Dewatering system

Remove large volumes of hazardous waste & minimize Risk, Liability & Legacy. Treatment of Tailing Leaching, Treatment of Tailing Dust reduction/removal; Treatment of Toxic Tailings. 


Target Minerals 

Specialize in the 'recovery' of locked in latent resources from Mining, Processing & TSF waste streams for commercial gain
Nano Scale treatment, unlocks relative chemical bonds

Risk Management 

NPCT® Treatment

Substantially reduce risk & liability. The impact of an inert TSF spill/breach is as significant to a toxic spill Legacy

Internet of Things

BIG Data (IoT)

Full auditable data base utilizing different tiers of NPCT Mining & Processing(Metals)-Risk Management Modules & Applications Risk Assessment & Early Warning Platform 

Active Monitoring

Sensor Analysis

Tremor Access & Early Warning Systems,
TSF Breaching Access & Early Warning Systems,
Emissions Access & Early Warning Systems,
Toxicity Access & Early Warning Systems,
Health Detection Modules, Early Warning Systems

 Data Insights

Applications & Modules

AI Artificial Intelligence
Predictive analysis
Data availability
Cloud stored data
Mobile availability via APP 

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Nano Particle Coating Technologies

Ready to address all of your tailings waste management needs:
Specialize in converting old tailings waste into mineral filler resources removing core commodities as well as converting into Inert Hydrophobic TSF Liner, TSF Capping & Other Solution Commodity Resources for brown & greenfield TSF without Liner systems



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